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26 Best Christmas Towns In The USA For Your Holiday Bucket List

Charlotte Bailey

Christmas is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite time of the year, and several Christmas towns in the USA go above and beyond to ensure you feel the magic of Christmas.

There’s no denying that most people go all out for Christmas. However, the Christmas spirit in the towns mentioned below knows no bounds.

Suppose you’re wondering just what Christmas is like throughout the USA. In that case, brace yourself to gobble up information about these USA Christmas towns. 

You’ll find information about the holiday markets that can be found in these towns during Christmas, the stunning Christmas light displays, and the multi-day festivals.

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Best Christmas Towns In The USA

While there are many places to visit during Christmas, here’s a list of our favorite Christmas towns in America.

1. Duluth, Minnesota – One Of The Best Christmas Towns In The US

Beautiful aerial shot of holiday lights at Duluth, Minnesota- one of the best Christmas towns in the US
Beautiful aerial shot of holiday lights at Duluth, Minnesota- one of the best Christmas towns in the US

Duluth doesn’t play when it comes to providing an immersive Christmas experience.

Duluth caters to Christmas light display lovers. Duluth is a town where Christmas lights and display lovers would sell their left kidney to see in person. 

One of the biggest Christmas trees, 128 feet tall, is also the main attraction at Bay Front Park. Furthermore, there is a Tour of Lights, a drive-through show comprising over 4 million colored bulbs.

The holiday festivities of Duluth are unparalleled. 

This town’s festivities kick off with the Christmas town of the north nighttime parade encompassing 24 marching bands and several dance groups. 

Seventy-five businesses are waiting to fulfill your every Christmas gift needs.

Where To Stay in Duluth

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2. Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Traditional Horse Carriage Tour in Stockbridge, Ma
Tour group on horse-drawn carriage in Stockbridge, Massachusetts – James Kirkikis/ Shutterstock

This picturesque has tons more going on on Christmas than just looking like a Norman Rockwell painting.

Christmas in Stockbridge is all about capturing memories. This town has one of the sweetest traditions: each year, the town recreates Norman Rockwell’s painting “Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas (Home for Christmas).”

Their annual festivals are lively and include house tours of historic homes, horse-drawn carriage rides, and caroling. 

Not only that, but the many world-renowned dining choices will leave you feeling cozy and satisfied in one of the best places to visit in the Northeast USA.

Where To Stay in Stockbridge

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3. San Antonio, Texas

The Riverwalk glows with the stunning 100,000 sparkling lights every holiday season making San Antonio one of the best Christmas towns in the USA that you should check out.
The Riverwalk glows with the stunning 100,000 sparkling lights every holiday season making San Antonio one of the best Christmas towns in the USA that you should check out.

The Lone Star State is not afraid to go big, as seen in all Texas Christmas celebrations.

On the Riverwalk, the Christmas celebrations start the day after Thanksgiving. 

There is a stunning activation of the 100,000 sparkling lights, which makes Christmas in San Antonio really special.

Attend the Festive Light Fest, which includes an hour-long boat parade along the Riverwalk and live entertainment to get you in the holiday mood.

Join one of San Antonio’s holiday parades or celebrations and discover a unique way to spend Christmas in San Antonio by indulging in the city’s custom of eating homemade tamales. 

Include the SeaWorld Christmas Celebration, the Ford Holiday River Parade, and Zoo Lights in your festive experience.

Where To Stay in Stockbridge

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4. Darby, Montana

Darby, Montana is one of the best Christmas Towns in the USA

If you want to celebrate Christmas the old western way, Darby Town is the place for you.

Darby’s Triple Creek Ranch is a popular destination throughout the holiday season. 

Due to the decorations and holiday cheer, this town has become one of the most picturesque spots and the best Christmas towns in the USA to visit around the Christmas season.

The Ranch enjoys extending out invitations to visitors to spend some of their festive holidays with them and experience a traditional cowboy Christmas.

In December, this Ranch offers a variety of enjoyable seasonal activities. 

These consist of horseback riding and sledding. You can use the full range of holiday decorations that Creek Ranch provides in your cabin. 

For your cabin, you could even select a genuine or artificial tree and deck it out with cowboy ornaments or decorations you come with.

Where To Stay in Darby

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5. Essex, Connecticut

One of the exciting Christmas towns to visit in US is Essex

Every year, the Essex people get together to build an enchanted Christmas season.

Essex is a stunning town during the festive season. Over 400,000 lights are utilized to beautify the town of Essex during the holidays. 

There’s a sizable window of opportunity to admire the sparkling lights because the town’s Christmas lights stay active for quite some time.

The entire town shows up for a magnificent holiday display. A selection of Alice in Wonderland high art will be included in the Wonderland art exhibition at the town’s Six Summit Gallery. 

Additionally, the biggest living Christmas tree in the state will be lit. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

Where To Stay in Essex

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6. Park City, Utah

Ski resort in Park City Utah during Christmas time
Ski Resort in Park City Utah during Christmas – Spinel/ Shutterstock

This is a popular ski retreat town that does Christmas like no other.

There is a life-size gingerbread house made with 11,000 cookies for visitors viewing pleasure. 

On top of that, the annual electric parade takes place down Maine Street. Christmas Eve is a time when many are given the opportunity to brave the slopes alongside St. Nick. 

Afterward, travelers have a torchlight parade to look forward to.

Visitors are spoiled for choice on Christmas in Park City. Tourists can venture out on the North Pole Express. 

The Snow Globe stroll is a must to get the full experience of life-sized snow globes and unique light displays. 

The life-sized snow globes alone make this town one of the coolest Christmas towns in the USA.

Where To Stay in Park City

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7. Frankenmuth, Michigan – A Bavarian-Like Christmas Town

A Bavaria style building decked with Christmas decors in Frankenmuth, Michigan

This small, Bavarian town is well-known for its holiday decorations, with good reason.

In Frankenmuth, visitors see different decors during the tour of all the Christmas-decorated homes.

The town’s shops have many local discounts in the name of Christmas. There are large Santa Claus statues for those wanting to have visual proof to bust out at a later stage.

Anyone looking to make the most of the holiday season will appreciate the dazzling lights with which Frankenmuth decorates the whole town. 

This is due to Bonners, the world’s largest Christmas store, which helps this town remain festive the entire year.

Where To Stay in Frankenmuth

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8. New Hope, Pennsylvania

Awesome holiday lights decor at New Hope in Pennsylvania
Holiday lights at New Hope, Pennsylvania – JWCohen/ Shutterstock

New Hope is a lovely town that has gained recognition for its magnificent festive seasons.

The New Hope Railroad is one of the most well-known attractions, the famous Santa’s Steam Train ride that draws many locals and tourists to Bucks County. 

Anyone is welcome to see the picturesque Bucks County countryside on the one-hour roundtrip.

New Hope offers some of the biggest holiday celebrations, a well-planned parade, and an exciting tree-lighting ceremony. 

Visitors can also look forward to the North Pole Express and all the businesses and merchants. They will make the season extra memorable.

Where To Stay in New Hope

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9. Denton, North Carolina

One of the best US Christmas Towns that's worth a visit is Denton, North Carolina

Not many towns do Christmas like Denton, North Carolina does.

A seasonal custom is the Country Christmas Train. Visitors can snap pictures with Santa by walking down a lit candy cane walkway to the train station. 

The Handy Dandy Railroad will, after that, be available for them to ride. Visitors will enjoy festive decorations, see a brief film, and visit with elves.

This town’s Christmas Parade and Celebration start on the first Saturday in December. The celebrations feature a Holiday Market, park caroling, carriage rides, and pictures with Santa. 

The Grist Mill, horse-drawn carriage, and petting zoo excursions are some other attractions.

Where To Stay in Denton

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10. Sun Valley, Idaho

Horse-drawn sleigh in Sun Valley, Idaho during Christmas

Sun Valley is a city that truly comes to life during the holiday season.

Sun Valley Resort evolves into a fairy tale land of festive cheer. 

You could think you’ve stumbled into a landscape from an enchanted town as the town is adorned with lights and ornaments.

The town holds many family-friendly events all throughout the month. There is a ton to keep you entertained during your trip, whether you are there for a couple of days or a whole week. 

These include a Nancy Liston Trunk Show, an outdoor holiday market, and the traditional tree lighting ceremony.

Where To Stay in Sun Valley

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11. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Marchers in a Christmas parade wearing striped tights

Because Portsmouth goes above and beyond to decorate its entire town for the holidays, even strolling through the streets and market square may make you feel festive.

The Music Hall and Strawbery Banke Museum’s yearly Vintage Christmas Celebration are among the most renowned.

When the Portsmouth Tree Lighting and, subsequently, the Holiday parade occurs at the start of December, this is the formal start of the festive season in Portsmouth. 

The entire community gathers to count down to when the Tree Lighting happens. They then fill the streets to see the annual Christmas Parade.

Where To Stay in Portsmouth

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12. Solvang, California

Merry Main street of Solvang, California during Christmas
Festive main street of Solvang, California – Hanna Tor/ Shutterstock

Solvang’s stunning architecture highlights Christmas to the max and makes it one of the best places to visit in California.

This town becomes a beautiful Danish wonderland decorated with bright, spell-bounding lights, making it a unique winter vacation in the US.

Unsurprisingly, all this makes it one of the most beautiful Christmas towns in the USA.

Suppose you’re looking to celebrate until you just can’t anymore. 

In that case, Solvang is the place as there are holidays each day of every weekend when the Christmas holiday season comes around.

Where To Stay in Solvang

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13. Franklin, Tennessee

Tall Christmas tree at the town center of Franklin, Tennessee

This town is well-known for making one feel as if they have been transported back in time during Christmas.

Historic downtown Franklin brings out all the stops by bringing characters from a popular Christmas Carol and Oliver twist to life during Christmas throughout the multi-day festival. 

Over 200 dancers and musicians keep the mood lively and Christmassy.

During this time, one can explore the Victorian village, take carriage rides, chat with Father Christmas, and visit the makers’ village. 

The Dickens Christmas carol spirit is rife and jolly and waiting for travelers to experience. It goes without saying that Franklin is of the best Christmas towns in America.

Where To Stay in Franklin

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14. Blue Ridge, Georgia

Performers bowing after the show

Nothing compares to observing a true modest town’s Appalachian Christmas.

Over two days, Light up Blue Ridge begins the holiday season. 

Holiday cheer, musical performances, food stalls, and the opportunity for kids to see Santa Claus extend the enjoyment of the Light Up Blue Ridge holiday.

Blue Friday has sales at downtown for your holiday shopping, a ton of holiday happiness, food, beverages, and live street entertainment. 

Riding the Santa Express on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is the cherry on top. A Christmas story will be read, carols will be sung, and Christmas characters will be met.

Where To Stay in Blue Ridge

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15. Bardstown, Kentucky

A lighted Christmas Tree with the blue sky as the background

Due to its charming Main Street and numerous Christmas events, Bardstown should be regarded as the North Pole of the Kentucky state.

This Kentucky town also comes alive with festive cheer around the holidays. 

The holiday cheer lasts all season when the town tree is illuminated and the parade moves along Main Street.

Main Street and the historical sites are decorated and lit up for the entire month of December.

Santa Claus might even be around, which wouldn’t be unexpected, given the vibe of the North Pole. Get ready for the Christmas’ Round Bardstown to blow you away.

Where To Stay in Bardstown

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16. McAdenville, North Carolina

McAdenville is one of the best places to visit during Christmas in the USA

This is the perfect Christmas town in the USA if you find yourself in North Carolina during that festive time.

McAdenville knows how to celebrate Christmas. This town features a jaw-dropping holiday display that features 265 evergreen trees that have more than half a million lights creatively wrapped around them. This holiday display has been ongoing for more than six decades.

For an unforgettable festive Christmas experience, head over to McAdenville, where hundreds of residents go out of their way to decorate not just their homes but also the streets to give tourists a poem-worthy Christmas experience.

Where To Stay in McAdenville

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17. Jacksonville, Oregon

Carolers in Victorian-themed costume

On any given day, Jacksonville is the prettiest little historical town with plenty of charm. Yet, this town knows how to celebrate the season.

Every year, Jacksonville hosts a Victorian Christmas to honor its illustrious past. 

The Jacksonville Victorian Christmas theme calls for many participants to wear period attire. 

The town begins to decorate for the Christmas holidays as it gets closer with evergreens and wreaths.

The parades in Jacksonville tend to be exceptionally exciting. Community carol singing and tree lighting mark the beginning of the holiday season. 

The yearly Victorian Christmas Parade is held after the tree-lighting event. 

Once Father Christmas makes a dramatic entrance in his sleigh, visitors and town folk enjoy the local singers, marching bands, and dancers.

Where To Stay in Jacksonville

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18. Jackson, Wyoming

Lighted Arches in the town square of Jackson, Wyoming in Christmas

Jackson is considered not only the best romantic getaway in winter but also one of the best Christmas towns in the USA.

At the base of Teton Mountain, this town offers one of the unique outdoor Christmases that will be perfect for nature enthusiasts.

This festive Christmas is bound to be an unforgettable one where visitors are one with nature.

The holidays are when this town’s remarkable town square lights up.

Each of the town square arches is thoroughly decorated with tons of twinkling white lights to give that festive feeling. 

How would this not be one of the most stunning Christmas towns in the USA?

Where To Stay in Jackson

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19. North Pole, Alaska

The Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska

As Christmas and Santa basically reside at the North Pole all year round, it isn’t surprising that it looks like a hallmark Christmas winter movie set.

The annual Christmas parade and an ice exhibit display stunning ice sculptures. 

Travelers have the chance to meet Santa himself at his Santa Claus house, where a firework display takes place at some stage. 

Whatsmore, visitors can snap pictures with the largest Santa Claus statue in the world, with a height of 50 feet.

If you want to feel and experience the Christmas spirit all year long, head over to the North Pole, as the Christmas lights decorate this town all year. 

The street lights have unique Christmas shapes, like candy canes, making this town one of the best Christmas towns in America.

Where To Stay in North Pole

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20. Branson, Missouri – Hands-Down One Of The Best Christmas Towns In The US

Impressive Christmas Tree in Branson, Missouri

You can’t go wrong with Christmas in Branson.

Known as America’s Christmas Tree City, Branson hosts a Christmas festival to rival all festivals. This town is popular for its Ozark Mountain Christmas festival. 

This is a month-long extravaganza that features many parades and holiday music. Branson offers a version of the Polar Express train ride that visitors can enjoy.

Branson is known for its light show hosted during the Christmas festival. Thousands of Christmas trees and buildings are decorated with colorful lights. 

Not only that, most houses tend to decorate with a theme, the most prominent being a warm orange.

Also, the nearby Silver Dollar City theme park lights a massive 80-foot Christmas tree every year.

Where To Stay in Branson

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21. Newport, Rhode Island

Cute ginger bread house decoration during Christmas in New Port, Rhode Islands

Visitors who adore touring stunning homes must visit this town in the holidays.

As this town is home to some of the most beautiful houses and architecture, it isn’t surprising that it is the place to be if you want to see architectural works of art adorned with brilliant light, Christmas trees, and other festive-appropriate decorations.

Newport has everything you would need to experience Christmas in the USA: larger-than-life Christmas trees, beautifully decorated mansions from the gilded age, cobblestone streets sprinkled with snow, and ocean views. What’s not to love?

Where To Stay in Newport

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22. Leavenworth, Washington – One Of The Best Christmas Towns In The US

Leavenworth with its lighting decorations during Christmas
Leavenworth during Christmas – Checubus/ Shutterstock

If you have dreamed of experiencing a white Christmas all your life, look no further than this small gem of a mountain town.

The Bavarian village of Leavenworth is undeniably one of the most Christmassy towns in the USA. 

It looks just like a snow globe considering the fresh snow that blankets the ground and roughly half a million lights lighting up the entire town, making it look like a winter wonderland.

The snow-capped mountain top is where visitors can do all kinds of activities. Not only that, but the stunning backdrop makes one feel like they have stepped into an alternate universe. 

There is also old-fashioned caroling, with St. Nicholas welcoming children with music and fruit on Fridays. If you haven’t yet, it is time to go to this ultimate holiday town’s Christmas festival.

Christmas Traditions In Leavenworth Are Some Of The Best. Christmas traditions in this town include not only Santa costumes from all over the world being displayed but also gingerbread house competitions. 

Sledding, sleigh rides, and visiting reindeer farms are some of the available activities to do. The Kindle market is where beautiful handmade gifts can be found.

Where To Stay in Leavenworth

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23. Santa Claus, Indiana

Christmas lights in tunnel

This town is not referred to as the Christmas hometown of America without reason.

As this town is considered the home of Santa and his volunteering elves, it’s not surprising that visitors can look forward to experiencing an annual, three-weekend holiday festive celebration featuring a stunning themed parade and candy castle.

Santa’s Land of Lights is a magnificent lights display. This is a one-of-a-kind light display that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

There is also a stunning light show that spans 1.2 miles to celebrate Christmas with a bang.

Where To Stay in Santa Claus

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24. New York City, New York – An Excellent Christmas Town For Snowy Holidays

Glowing Christmas tree amidst the skyscrapers in New York City, New York

New York is simply one of the best Christmassy towns in the USA to visit, particularly during the festive season.

This Center features a huge Christmas tree, one of the biggest in the world, topped with a Swarovski crystal star.

It is a spectacular sight that everyone should get to see at least once. Central Park is worth taking a detour for as it looks eerily beautiful covered in a white blanket of snow. 

Furthermore, the various Christmas shops along the Metropolis ensure you won’t leave empty-handed.

New York isn’t popular for no reason. It has many festive activities to offer. Visitors can expect many festive options like ice skating, which is done under the view of towering skyscrapers. 

Also, there is a light display to enjoy and appreciate, apart from the many Christmas trees dazzled with numerous lights.

Where To Stay in New York City

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25. Valley Junction-West Des Moines City, Iowa

Valley Junction-West Des Moines City, Iowa is one of the best Christmas towns in the USA

Many small towns in the USA are frequently renowned for their endearing decorations all year long. Still, the Christmas holidays are when Valley Junction really stands out.

Visitors will get the full Christmas experience in this town. The holiday season is when Valley Junction invites its shopkeepers to go all out. 

There is something for everyone in Historic Valley Junction’s more than 150 stores and specialized boutiques. 

There are free horse-drawn carriage rides, Santa, and caroling during Jingle in the Junction festivities.

Valley Junction does more than enough for Christmas. This quaint West Des Moines strip of stores and restaurants comes to life during the holiday season thanks to the 150,000-plus lights. 

Every night in December, Valley Junction is completely lit. West Des Moines joins in by urging people to snap selfies, share them on social media, and spread the holiday cheer.

Where To Stay in West Des Moines

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26. Ogden, Utah

Colorful lights in a Christmas Village in Ogden, Utah

Ogden is undoubtedly by far the best place to spend your Christmas.

The annual Christmas Eve Celebration in this town is a really joyous occasion. 

One-of-a-kind holiday customs include making cookies, Christmas Eve dinner, Santa photographs, burning the Yule Log, and participating in the renowned torchlight parade.

The Ogden Santa Run is held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Ogden. This charming town knows how to make your Christmas eventful.

Each year on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, thousands of lights and grand displays are turned on. 

The impressive Electric Light Parade heralds the start of the cherished Christmas Village custom. 

Live music fills the air at Ogden Amphitheater, and the evening culminates in a spectacular fireworks display. 

For some holiday cheer and performances, head to Washington Boulevard.

Where To Stay in Ogden

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Final Thoughts On Christmas Towns In The USA

We listed Bavarian-inspired towns to modern cities turned into a winter wonderland, we hope this article about America’s best Christmas towns will get you into the holiday spirit whether you’re venturing on a polar express or sipping hot cocoa in the heart of town.

Did you enjoy reading about these magical Christmas towns in the USA? Then share it with your dear friends!