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About us

Welcome to Roaming the USA! We’re thrilled that you’re here!

Hey there! We’re Liam, Charlotte, Olivia, Victoria, John, and William – we are Americans who love traveling and exploring the six regions and 50 states in this magnificent country.

This personal blog is a creative outlet for our restless souls. Through sharing comprehensive travel guides and tips based on our experiences, we inspire other Americans to discover their own country and internationals to understand there is much more than meets the eye.

No matter the season, no matter the state. We want to share as many travel tips with you as we can while traveling the USA ourselves.

Although it might take a while to publish them all, our mission is to cover every American state. Are you ready?!

With Roaming the USA, we want to empower local businesses, promote offbeat towns, and encourage you to discover the great American culture.

From breathtaking national parks to white-sand beaches, from bustling cities to charming small towns, we’re here to show you all the nooks and crannies of this fantastic country.

What’s not to love, right.

Are you ready to take on life’s most incredible adventures? Let’s go! Brew a cup of your favorite coffee, kick your feet back, and browse around for in-depth itineraries, weekend getaways, romantic escapes, hiking guides, accommodation advice, travel tips, and more, much more!

Welcome on board and enjoy this memorable adventure!

A Bit More About Each Of Us

Liam Carter

Liam Carter is a passionate explorer with a Midwest heart. Hailing from Ohio, and having called both Illinois and Missouri home, he’s on a perpetual journey to uncover the hidden gems and unforgettable experiences scattered across the American heartland.

An avid traveler and dedicated family man, Liam thrives on sharing his insider knowledge and travel tips, helping fellow adventurers create unforgettable memories in the Midwest’s enchanting landscapes and vibrant cities.

Charlotte Bailey

Charlotte Bailey is a passionate explorer born and raised in the picturesque state of Vermont. Her wanderlust knows no bounds as she crisscrosses the American Northeast in search of hidden treasures and captivating experiences.

With a diverse background that includes living in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC, Charlotte brings a wealth of regional knowledge to her travel adventures.

A dedicated travel enthusiast and a partner-in-crime to her boyfriend, Charlotte is always on the lookout for the next great Northeastern escapade.

Olivia Perez

Meet Olivia Perez, a California native with a passion for exploration that knows no bounds. Born and raised on the sunny West Coast, Olivia has an unwavering love for discovering the wonders of the American Pacific states.

With an adventurous spirit, she’s called both Oregon and Washington home, gaining a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the region.

But Olivia’s wanderlust doesn’t stop there. She frequently embarks on Hawaiian adventures with her daughter, making her a seasoned traveler of the Pacific paradise.

Victoria Green

Introducing Victoria Green, a native Floridian with a heart full of wanderlust. Born and bred under the Florida sun, Victoria’s passion for travel knows no bounds as she explores the captivating landscapes and hidden treasures of the American Southeast.

With a history that includes calling Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia home, she possesses a profound appreciation for the region’s rich diversity.

What truly sets Victoria apart is her fearless spirit of adventure. Proudly traveling solo, she fearlessly navigates the southeastern states, embracing the thrill of discovery and sharing her invaluable travel tips with you.

John Oakley

John Oakley is a proud Texan whose heart beats for the vast and captivating American Southwest. With roots firmly planted in the Lone Star State, John’s passion for exploration extends beyond state lines, encompassing the awe-inspiring beauty of this unique region.

While he currently calls Arizona home, his wanderlust takes him often on extensive journeys throughout the Southwest.

John is not just a traveler; he’s a storyteller, eager to share his experiences and expertise. His wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience make him your trusted guide for uncovering the hidden gems, attractions, and unparalleled landscapes of the American Southwest.

William Taylor

William Taylor is a Colorado native who is not only passionate about his state but also about the beauties of the American West.

Though he now calls Utah his home, William’s adventurous soul takes him on incredible journeys through the vast and diverse western states. His travels are not just about seeing new places; they’re about discovering the soul of the American West.

With a treasure trove of experiences and insights, William is your trusted guide to uncovering hidden gems, attractions, and the untamed beauty that defines this remarkable region.