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About us

Hi there! Welcome to Roaming the USA!

Roaming the USA travel blog is run by a team of professional travel bloggers and writers who love the country.

With a nation as fantastic and diverse as ours, we know that no one person could be an expert in all 50 American states. Because of this, we’ve assembled a considerable team of expert bloggers and writers that allows each contributor to focus on the aspects of the state that they know best.

How cool is that?!!

If you want help finding the best road trips, visiting the most incredible national parks, soaking up in fantastic beaches, or locating mesmerizing hikes, here’s the place to be or to read, if you will.

Our goal is to map every nook and cranny of America and catalog that in a way that helps you discover this great country, whether you’ve called the USA home your entire life or you’re a first-time visitor.

Anyway, thank you for joining us in this adventure—we’re thrilled to have you be part of the Roaming the USA community!