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26 Connecticut Facts: Fun Facts About Connecticut To Read Now

Charlotte Bailey

Connecticut’s fun facts and rich history have been around for over two centuries as a part of the United States, making it a fascinating place to explore and roam around—at least, I love it.

Connecticut is the fifth state to join the union, and it holds plenty of history to America. 

I’m sure all these interesting facts about Connecticut will entice and amaze you. These facts might also encourage you to visit the state if you’re not a resident yourself. 

While Connecticut is one of the smaller states in America, this article includes some of the most interesting facts about Connecticut. I’m sure they will help you better understand the great culture and area around the state.

26 Fun Connecticut Facts You Need to Know  

1. The Name Of The State Is Native American

One of the main Connecticut facts is the long history of Native Americans in the state. The name Connecticut hails from a Native American heritage

The word comes from the Indian expression “Quonoktacut,” which roughly translates to “Long tidal river,” referring to the Connecticut River.

The Native American tribes lived in the area more than 10,000 years ago. These Native tribes included the Mohegan and Niantic tribes. 

2. Snowy Winters And Hot Summers

Oh, I love Connecticut’s well-defined seasons! Seriously, the state has perfect weather that suits every season, and will have lots of snow during winter, making for a great winter vacation spot

However, the summer in the state can get relatively high, making the beaches in Connecticut a perfect place to cool down. 

3. Connecticut Houses The Largest Maritime Museum In The USA

The Mystic Seaport Museum is the largest Maritime Museum in the United States. 

The museum is in Mystic, Connecticut, where they showcase exhibits like shipyards and boats featured in history and tell visitors more about historical sailors. 

Pssst: In fact, one of the best aquariums in Connecticut is located in Mystic.

They first founded the museum in 1929 and gathered many artifacts from the past. This interesting fact about Connecticut attracts many tourists during the year. 

The museum has over 19 acres of beautiful ground where you can explore. There are roughly 500 watercraft inside the museum, each with a unique story that involves them in United States history. 

The museum’s main attraction is the Charles W. Morgan 1841 ship, known as the oldest commercial ship in the country. 

4. The American Robin Is The State Bird

While there is a long list of fun facts about Connecticut, its wildlife is among the most interesting. 

The American Robin is famous for being the state bird of the beautiful area. The bird is also known as the Robin Redbreast, and the people chose this creature in 1943 as the national bird for the state.

These birds were chosen for this title mainly because they don’t migrate to warmer climates during winter. 

They stay in their nests all year round in the state of Connecticut. Many people believe these birds show a sign of loyalty, contributing to the fun facts about Connecticut. 

5. Hartford Is The Capitol Of Connecticut

Hartford has been the primary town of Connecticut since 1875. The fourth largest city in the state is a huge tourist attraction since it is also the home of the Mark Twain House & Museum. 

The author wrote the renowned novel Huckleberry Finn in the Mark Twain House. Hartford is the birthplace of many important historical artifacts that contribute to the fantastic city of Connecticut.

You can visit the historical spots in Hartford, learn more about the Connecticut fun facts, and spend your day among the little shops and restaurants surrounding the city. 

Those who want to take a weekend trip can also book into one of the many guesthouses and lodges they offer. 

6. There Are 169 Towns In The State

Another remarkable Connecticut fact included in the fun facts about Connecticut is that the Great State has 169 towns and eight countries

The overflowing culture and fresh air ensure a great visit for anyone passing through or visiting for vacation. 

The entire state consists of roughly 5,000 miles, and the population is one of the largest in the United States. 

7. Connecticut Is The 5th Official State To Join Ranks

Connecticut was the 5th official state to join the national ranks of the United States, and this information is also one of the best-known Connecticut facts. 

The state joined in 1788, celebrating the anniversary on January 9 yearly. 

A fun Connecticut fact is that the state is also commonly known as the “Constitution State” among many people due to the independent spirit the residents have shown throughout history. 

8. The First Helicopter Flew In The State

The VS-300, the first operational helicopter, had its maiden flight in Stratford, Connecticut, on September 14, 1939. 

The aircraft was the first to use a single main rotor and tail rotor, and it was designed by Igor Sikorsky and manufactured by Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft Division of the UAC (United Aircraft Corporation). 

The first free flight took place only a year later, in 1940. The fun Connecticut facts include that the same pilot also piloted this trip. 

9. Sperm Whales Are The State Animals

A fun fact about Connecticut and its long list of state symbols is that one of its most important symbols is the state animal, the sperm whale

The animal was chosen as the national symbol in 1975 due to its essential contribution to Connecticut’s history and its endangered species nature today. 

Connecticut’s whaling industry in the 1800s was second only to Massachusetts’s. The sperm whale was the primary target of Connecticut whalers who set sail from New London, Mystic, and other Connecticut ports to travel the world in search of the animal and bring back its oil, which they then used in lamps and other household items. 

While this might be on the lesser-known Connecticut facts lists, it’s an essential piece of history. 

10. Lush Green Forest Covers Most Of The State

Another exciting piece of information on the Connecticut facts list is that forests cover most of the state for nature lovers to appreciate.

The state has about 60% forest surrounding it. The forests cover roughly 1,800,000 acres of the total 3,000,000 acres of Connecticut. 

On a ranking of the most forested states in America, this state comes in at number fourteen. 

The forests surrounding the area are 69% oak and hickory. In addition, there are also roughly 189 million red maple trees in the woods of Connecticut. 

Overall, multiple types of trees surround the state, including white oaks. Connecticut facts state that most trees are over 60 years old and have reached this age due to tree planting, fire suppression, and lack of development in the area.

11. The First Witch Execution Happened In Connecticut

The first witch execution happened in 1647 in Connecticut in Hartford, where the Old State House currently sits. 

The locals found Alise Young guilty of witchcraft and sentenced her to hang in front of the townspeople. This Connecticut fact might not be well known, but it is interesting.

While the panic might not have been as hectic as in Salem, many still believed witches roamed the town, and it caused mass hysteria throughout the state. 

The last witch trials occurred in 1697, and they dismissed the charges against the accused. 

12. Dinosaurs Roamed The Area

In 1818, workers digging a well in Connecticut recovered the first dinosaur bones ever found in North America. 

Scientists verified the bones that now reside in the Yale Peabody Museum. Many people know these bones as “The bones from the well,” when they first discovered them, nobody knew what they were.

Since dinosaurs weren’t known yet and the term was only discovered in 1841 by paleontologist Sir Richard Owen, the founders of these bones had no idea what animal they could come from. 

In 1885, another paleontologist examined the bones and determined they were from a small dinosaur. 

13. The Eastern Gray Squirrel Is Common In The Area

Connecticut has an overwhelmingly large ecosystem of animals. Still, the Eastern gray squirrel is the most common mammal in that area. 

Since forests mainly cover the state, it’s the ideal habitat for squirrels to live, breed, and scavenge for food. 

While this information might not rank high on the  Connecticut facts or be one of the most interesting, it’s great for nature and animal lovers who visit the area. 

14. Connecticut Is The Birthplace Of Thanksgiving

In 1621, in what is now the state of Connecticut, the people celebrated their first Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims, who had only landed in the New World a year prior, celebrated the feast to celebrate their abundant harvest. 

The first Thanksgiving lasted three days and included games and feasting throughout the celebration. 

The local Wampanoag Indians were invited to the first Thanksgiving by the Pilgrims, and many people have continued the custom ever since. 

Millions of people around the United States take time out of their busy schedules to spend Thanksgiving together yearly. 

15. Nutmeg Is A Popular Cuisine

While many people know Connecticut as “The State of Constitution,” others call it the “Nutmeg State” since the spice is a famous cuisine in Connecticut. 

The unique taste and texture of the spice make it a winner worldwide for various sweet and savory dishes. It’s an interesting Connecticut fact for food lovers.

16. The Hartford Courant Newspaper

The Hartford Courant debuted in 1764 and is the nation’s oldest continuously published newspaper. The newspaper has a sizable readership and a reputation as one of the best in the United States. 

The Watergate affair and the September 11th attacks are only two examples of the many significant stories the Courant broke. 

The Pulitzer Prize for Public Service is only one of many honors bestowed upon the newspaper over the years. 

17. Yankee Doodle By The British Soldiers

The Connecticut state song, Yankee Doodle, is one of the most popular songs in history. The British soldiers originally sang it during the Revolutionary War. 

Although they meant the song to be demeaning, the Americans embraced it and adopted it as theirs.

Many people sing the Yankee Doodle song at sports, festivals, and even the 4th of July weekend. 

The song is a famous example of a patriotic tune, and many consider it one. Many have also turned the music into kid’s nursery rhymes and paired it with a scene that lives up to the classic United States image. 

The Yankee Doodle song is one of the most historical Connecticut facts. 

18. The Charter Oak Tree

Connecticut has several notable trees, but none more so than the Charter Oak. Not only is this tree beautiful, but it also has a significant history. 

The Charter of 1662, which established Connecticut as a self-governing colony, was ratified under this oak. 

In 1959, Connecticut officially recognized the Charter Oak as the state tree. In 1962, they erected a monument honoring the oak in Hartford. 

19. Gorgeous Lighthouses Line The Coast

The coastline of Connecticut has many lighthouses that make it a beautiful sight to behold. 

Roughly 20 houses are lining the coast, each with a unique history and story. The lighthouses also make outstanding tourist attractions for this state. 

The New London Ledge and Saybrook Breakwater lighthouses are just some of the most prevalent options you can visit when in the area. 

Some of these lighthouses also double as museums holding artifacts concerning Connecticut with great history. 

The best time to visit is around sunset to enjoy the incredible view. The lighthouse fact about Connecticut is excellent for tourists and photography lovers. 

20. High Taxes In Connecticut

Tax rates in Connecticut are among the highest in the United States. At the time of publication, the state imposes a sales tax of 6.35% and an income tax between 3% and 6.99%. 

People leave Connecticut in large part because of its high taxes. The tax fact about Connecticut is the cause of many people and businesses leaving the state over the years. 

21. ESPN Sports Founding Place

They founded the home of SportsCenter, ESPN, in Plainville, Connecticut. The company produces sports programs like baseball, golf, basketball, and football. 

ESPN is the main reason that sports lovers go to Connecticut for a visit. The Hartford Wolf Pack and Bridgeport Sound Tigers are two of the state’s professional teams. This fun Connecticut fact is the perfect setting for any sports fan. 

22. People Discovered Many Inventions In The State

Connecticut is famous for its long list of inventions founded in the state. 

Among the many firsts of this state is the first telephone book in 1878 that was only one page, the first-speed limit law in 1901, which was 12 miles per hour, and the first hamburger in 1900, served by Louis Lassen in New Haven.

23. Connecticut Is Home To Many Famous People

Connecticut has a history of famous people residing in the beautiful state. 

George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, and P.T. Barnum are some of the state’s most iconic and well-known residents. 

The singer John Mayer and actor Seth Macfarlane also reside in the area, and many tourists visit the state only to glimpse these famous people.

24. No Used Razor Blades In Your Trash

Connecticut has a few unusual state laws. One is that you can’t throw your used razor blades away in the trash. 

This law is because the waste removal company staff can injure themselves when handling your trash bags and bins. 

Many diseases can be on the blade when it’s been in the trash for a while. 

25. First State To Use Permanent License Plates

Connecticut introduced vehicle registration in 1903, with residents providing their license plates. However, they did not issue formal state license plates until 1905. 

In 1937, the first metal license plate was introduced in Connecticut. These license plates were aluminum, and the state was the first to use these types of license plates.

26. Connecticut Has A State Insect

Since Connecticut loves its animals, it also has a state insect, the European Praying Mantis, probably brought to Connecticut by European settlers. 

The area might seem cold for most, but this bug adapts well to the climate. The Praying Mantis has been the state insect of Connecticut since October 1, 1977.

Quick Fun Facts About Connecticut

Yale University was the first to offer a PhD in the United States.

Scoville Memorial Library is the public library of Salisbury, Connecticut. Established in 1771 by Richard Smith, it was the first in the United States to open to the public free of charge. 

As of 2022, Connecticut has the 7th highest median household income in the United States.

Hey you! Enjoyed reading about these fun facts about Connecticut? Then share them with your friends. Oh, and if you know some fun Connecticut facts yourself, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!