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24 Nevada Facts: Fun Facts About Nevada Hidden In Plain Sight

John Oakley

While it can be safely assumed that most people in the United States and worldwide know this remarkably and widely alluring state, here are twenty-something Nevada facts hidden in plain sight. (I wonder how many of these facts you already knew!)

The Silver State, commonly known as Nevada, is home to timeless, controversial, and influential places to visit/attractions such as Area 51 and the globally revered Las Vagas Strip. 

However, despite the continued local and international intrigue into various occurrences throughout the state, some Nevada facts are so rare, enthralling, and disturbing that they have been purposefully hidden from public citizens for generations. 

Despite being an educational article, it undoubtedly promises to be an incredibly breathtaking journey along the mystical states’ hidden history.

24 Fun Nevada Facts You Need to Know

1. State Route 375 Is A Celestial Highway

The state of Nevada and its multiple mysterious locations, such as Area 51 and its surrounds, have fascinated millions of people globally.

However, very few know the nearly 100-mile stretch of Nevada highway, located along the significant State Route 375, officially considered an extraterrestrial stretch of tarmac. 

While the 100-mile-long, intriguing, and controversial stretch of road was constructed at the same time, using the same techniques as the remainder of the 375 interstate highway, the sheer number of individual UFO sightings and other notable out-of-this-world experiences has rendered the stretch of road as unavoidably alien.

It is worth noting that the Area 51 military base is in the road’s vicinity, although suspicious sightings have been increasing over the previous decade. 

This has resulted in the infamous stretch of highway being exclusively frequented by long-time enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. 

2. Lake Tahoe Is The Most Pristine Body Of Water

Lake Tahoe, an authentic national landmark and icon, is mainly situated within Nevada’s state lines; however, some of the almost unnaturally pristine lake waters overlap with California territory. 

Thousands of tourists, travelers, and locals descend upon the incredible body of water yearly to experience the must-see lake in all its firsthand glory. 

Exploring Nevada facts takes you on a journey through the state’s diverse landscapes, from the stark beauty of the Black Rock Desert to the lushness of the Lake Tahoe region.

Despite Lake Tahoe’s international recognition and allure, not many people know the alpine lake is officially considered the most transparent worldwide, with objects at a depth of 70 feet below the surface being visible on calm and windless days. 

3. Nevada’s Colorful Utopia Is Visible From Space

For almost a century, the great state of Nevada has been directly linked with the magnificently dazzling light display throughout the globally unique Las Vegas Strip. 

For generations, the undeniably striking, alluring, and glittering lights that controversially arose from the harsh Nevada desert have been visible to thousands of amazed astronauts thrust into Earth’s orbit. 

Despite the occasional negative press and nefarious activities occurring in Las Vegas, Nevada’s largest city, its timeless presence, pioneering characteristics, and visibility from millions of miles away remain a testament to the hardworking citizens and the United States as a country. 

4. Rhyolite Is An Internationally Revered Ghost Town

As a state, Nevada has numerous advantages and remains influential throughout the wider American region; however, the charisma, mystery, and constant inexplicable sightings within its defined boundaries are undeniable. 

Any thrill-seeking or brave explorer visiting an authentic, distinct, memorable, and unmistakably eerie experience should look no further than the abandoned town named Rhyolite.

Situated near the aptly named Death Valley, Rhyolite will thoroughly captivate anyone entering its archaic walls, last maintained during Nevada’s now-abandoned gold rush. 

5. It’s The Only State With An Official Neon Boneyard

Ever heard of a city with so many brightly lit neon lights that it can be observed from low earth orbit? 

If that was not remarkable enough, Nevada has a state-funded, official, one-of-a-kind neon sign boneyard. 

Experiencing the neon sign firsthand is a profound experience for anyone, as it accurately demonstrates the sheer scale of the city’s neon production, innovation, and financial investment. 

At the same time, it will leave you with a sense of nostalgia as it indicates the city’s infallible development of an internationally recognized entertainment scene. 

6. It Boasts Countless Ancient Bristlecone Pines

A Nevada fact that very few people know is the magnificent sprawling forests of the world’s oldest ever recorded tree, known as the strikingly beautiful Bristlecone Pines. 

Most of the breathtaking Bristlecone Pines tree density is within the Great Basin National Park. 

As you stand next to the oldest trees currently surviving on Earth, their 4,000-year-old aura is clear and will leave you with a renewed sense of connection with the surrounding nature and all the eternal magnificence it offers. 

7. It’s Home To The Highest Artificial Observation Wheel

Las Vegas, the most recognizable city in Nevada, is known to favor the brave.

The town’s essence could not be more apparent when attempting to take in the incredible magnitude and scale of the highest observation wheel ever produced. 

Towering just over 560 feet into the Nevada skyline, the High Roller Casino has continued to attract thousands of enthusiastic clients from all over the country, guaranteeing its prominent position as the most underrated yet interesting fact about Nevada. 

8. It’s Home To The Popular Yearly Burning Man Festival

The incredibly well-attended yearly Burning Man Festival is a significant tourist, with the never-ending celebration of authentic music, art, and unique self-expression in the heart of the Nevada desert.

Among the remarkable Nevada facts, you’ll discover that the state is home to the famous Burning Man Festival, a temporary city of art, music, and radical self-expression that springs to life in the Black Rock Desert each year. 

Moreover, the festival is responsible for pioneering numerous similar installations worldwide, with enthusiastic attendees participating, at their discretion, in the entire week-long Burning Man process. 

The way concerts clear up after themselves, without leaving a single trace, is an incontestable Nevada fact and has been responsible for staggering tourist numbers continuing to increase. 

9. Individuals Are Exempt From Income Tax

One of the interesting facts about Nevada is its notable lack of tedious state-based income tax, allowing its citizens to keep significantly more of the pay than neighboring comparatives. 

While the desirable lack of state income tax was implemented during the rapid gold rush, the additional influential presence of Nevada silver mining operations has ensured it remains steadfast for the foreseeable future. 

10. Nevada Is Known As The Silver State

Silver mining and the state of Nevada have been closely associated for centuries, with the valuable precious metal playing a vital yet positive role during Nevada’s economic, social, and infrastructural boom of the 1800s. 

11. It Houses The Biggest Single Piece Of Gold

Despite Nevada’s significantly stronger silver mining presence, the largest and heaviest piece of gold discovered was within the state’s official boundaries.

The priceless piece of gold, named The Boot of Cortez, was unearthed by an amateur opportunist, locating the 390 troy-ounce chunk just below the ground surface using an inexpensive metal detector. 

12. Nevada Features A Geological Masterpiece

The Red Rock Canyon, located in the heart of Nevada, is considered a timeless yet awe-inspiring geological masterpiece.

Local geologists have dated the Red Rock Canyon and its unmistakable red sandstone formations at just over 66 million years, making it among the best-preserved pieces of paradise for outdoor lovers, hikers, and experienced rock climbers. 

13. It Pioneered The Legalization Of Gambling

In 2023, the global gambling industry has boomed to heights, revenue and profitability previously assumed impossible. 

However, the controversial process was initiated in late 1930, instantly and permanently revolutionizing the entertainment industry as a whole. 

In the 1930s, the Golden Nugget and Flamingo Casinos were accepted as industry leaders, with their awe-inspiring example setting the tone, scene, and possibility for today’s gigantic global marketplace, ironically led by the timeless Las Vegas Strip, in the heart of Nevada’s state lines. 

Nevada facts go beyond the glitz of Las Vegas; you can find petroglyphs etched by ancient Native American cultures hidden in the state’s remote canyons. 

14. It’s Home To The Remarkably Mysterious Fly Geyser

Accurately and appropriately describing a mythical place aptly named the Fly Geyser is situated deep within the harsh terrains of the seemingly endless Nevada desert. 

However, the alien-like and vibrant color schemes are a sight for sore eyes with their abundance of rich and naturally occurring surrounding mineral water, uniquely combined with the thermophilic algae species, renders the Fly Geyser one of the fun facts about Nevada very few people fortunate enough to be aware of. 

15. The Endless Desserts Sporadically Super Bloom

Despite most of the state of Nevada being layered with some of the harshest desserts known to man, the undeniably arid vegetation and reputation are replaced with a rare phenomenon known as a super bloom. 

While super blooms are known to encompass most of the Nevada desert, replacing the unforgiving terrain with a series of mesmerizing, striking, and vivid colors, they traditionally occur once over the course of a two-year cycle. 

The rarity of the sporadic Nevada super blooms, coupled with the memorable sight of the arid regions being covered for as far as the eye can see with wildly colored wildflowers, is something anyone with a soul should aim to experience before it’s too late. 

16. Undomesticated Wild Mustangs Wander Without Worry

Have you ever had the privilege of observing an authentic and wild Mustang wander around without an unnatural sense of worry regarding its survival? 

One of the most interesting facts about Nevada is that it houses, respects, and nurtures more than half of the United States’ wild and untouched Mustang population. 

Tourists, local citizens, and Americans residing in faraway states enthusiastically descend upon Nevada yearly to glimpse majestically wild creatures functioning within their untouched natural habitat. 

17. It Has An Engineering Masterpiece: The Hoover Dam

Boarding both the states of Arizona and Nevada, the remarkable piece of human engineering brilliance, commonly referred to as the Hoover Dam, remains one of the most interesting facts about Nevada. 

Designed, constructed, and incredibly well maintained for more than five decades, the Hoover Dam is considered a testament to the American dream. 

Moreover, the Hoover Dam’s scale is so monumental that it effortlessly provides constant electricity to almost 1,000,000 people. Locally, the Hoover Dam is a source of generational pride, permanently solidifying itself as a favorite Nevada fact.

As you explore Nevada fun facts, you’ll be amazed to learn that the state is home to the world’s largest artificial reservoir, Lake Mead, created by the Hoover Dam. 

18. Nevada Has The Most Alien Businesses On Earth

Among the best known Nevada facts is the significant interest of the local population regarding the presence of aliens, mainly due to the incredibly controversial presence of the Area 51 base. 

While it may not surprise many people aware of the local alien enthusiasm, Nevada has, by quite some distance, the most alien-themed or based businesses compared to anywhere else on Earth. 

19. Red Sandstone Is The Official Nevada State Rock

An appropriate Nevada fact is that its official state rock, sandstone, accurately reflects its celebrated geological diversity.   

When it comes to Nevada facts, did you know that the state’s official state fossil is the ichthyosaur, an ancient marine reptile that once roamed the prehistoric seas? 

20. Nevada Contains A Surprisingly Prevalent Basque Culture

One of Nevada’s fun facts is its widely and enthusiastically celebrated Basque culture, usually encompassing authentic paella or chorizo. 

The yearly festivals, such as the revered Running of the Bulls, are an unmissable cultural experience in the heart of Nevada. 

21. More Than 1,500 Nuclear Tests Occurred In Nevada

One of many controversial Nevada facts, the decades-long, intense nuclear missile testing program within the state’s arid regions has continued to divide opinion. 

While the 1,500 known nuclear missile detonations aided in maintaining American national safety during the Cold War, they remain closely linked with far-reaching and devastating impacts on the local population, unnecessarily destroying innocent lives and families. 

22. It’s Home To Rare Astronomical Wonders And Moon Craters

Among the lesser-known Nevada facts is the presence of the Lunar Crater, with many scientists lauding the state for their priceless contributions to lunar-based geology research. 

At the same time, the distinctly unique location, elevation, and eerily darkened skies make it the ideal destination for any stargazing or astronomy enthusiasts. 

23. Nevada Operates The Tallest Thermometer Worldwide

The world’s tallest, fully functional thermometer was designed and constructed to pay appropriate homage to the state’s extreme heat and a largely desert-type environment.

The Baker’s thermometer is among the fun facts about Nevada, demonstrating the local population’s good sense of humor, wide-reaching community spirit, and hardworking nature. 

24. The Ever-Relevant Misfits Film Set Remains Untouched

A legendary movie, The Misfits, featuring the alluring Clark Gable and the elegant Marilyn Monroe, was famously filmed in the heart of the classical, beautiful Nevada desert. 

The legendary “Wild West” history is a fascinating aspect of Nevada facts, with tales of outlaws, pioneers, and the Pony Express etched into the state’s rugged terrain. 

The entire movie set, abandoned for several decades already, remains perfectly in place, transforming the barren area into a surprisingly alluring tourist destination with most aiming to experience the fascinating yet rugged beauty of Nevada’s landscape portrayed by Monroe in the ever-popular popular cult classic. 

Nevada fun facts also include the quirky International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield, where buried cars stand as a unique art installation in the Nevada desert. 

Quick Fun Facts About Nevada

Carson City is Nevada’s capital city.

Hoover Dam, the largest public works project in the United States, holds 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete, which is enough to pave a two-lane highway from San Francisco to New York.

Nevada is home to half the wild horses found in America.

The Sagebrush State, the Battle Born State, and the Silver State are some of Nevada’s nicknames.

Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other American state, with its highest point at the 13,145-foot Boundary Peak.

Hey dear reader! Enjoyed reading about these fun facts about Nevada? Then share them with your friends. Oh, and if you know some fun Nevada facts yourself, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

James I Loeppky

Saturday 30th of September 2023

There are no wild mustangs in Nevada. Get your facts straight. There are only faro wild horses. Most let loose by people that did not want to feed their horses any longer.