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Dallas Murals: An Instagram Guide to the Best Dallas Wall Art

John Oakley

Trying to find the cool Dallas murals is a funny way to experience the local art scene as well as the city.

The paintings are spread throughout neighborhoods, from Uptown to Downtown to Bishop Arts District and Deep Ellum.

As the coolest neighborhood in Dallas, Deep Ellum is an open gallery and a cultural melting pot with some of the best Dallas wall art.

Dallas Street Art: A Guide to the Best Dallas Murals

Dallas is not only the commercial but also the cultural hub of the region, and one of the best places to visit in the USA.

Massive, the city is home to diverse kinds of art, and many artists chose this spot to express their messages and feelings on walls. 

As a way to increase tourism but also to revitalize areas, Dallas graffiti were slowly coloring more wall and are more than welcome today.

In this guide, we’ll talk about 15 ridiculously pretty murals, but we’ll also give you an interactive map to find many others. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the best Dallas murals.

Map of Dallas Murals

Click here to access an interactive map with the best graffiti Dallas proudly has. If you have any additions to this list or you something changed, please let us know, and we’ll change it right away.

The Dallas murals are numbered and include the ones in this article. The remaining addresses are some cool wall art we thought you would like to see. Enjoy!

How to Get Around Dallas

Dallas is a massive city with neighborhoods that have their own personality.

But even though those neighborhoods are pretty different from each other, they all have one thing in common: striking street art.

That is to say that although Deep Ellum murals are the far majority, you’ll have to drive yourself or take an Uber or bus to travel within Dallas.

We recommend that you walk around a neighborhood and combine it with an Uber to get to another area of town.

By bus

Buy a day pass for the DART Bus for $6, and that includes unlimited rides on the buses and trains until 3 AM the following morning.

To get these passes, all you need to do is download the GoPass App on your phone and set up your day pass from there. Once you have it on your phone, you just need to show it to the bus driver when you board the bus.

Going by car? Read more on parking

You will find many parking spots along the various avenues of Deep Ellum, making it not too difficult to see these murals in Dallas.

A majority of the parking spots along the avenues are metered, and during the day, every meter is free until 6 PM. However, always make sure to check the meter which will have stated the free period, or pay period!

These spots fill quickly, and unless you are there starting early in the day, finding one of these spots will be more based on the luck of someone departing when you happen to drive by.

There are also pay lots in Deep Ellum, which will have attendants. Typically these lots will cost $5. However, they fill up very quickly.

If this is your first time in the city, and you’re looking for accommodation, you might want to check out our extensive guide on where to stay in Dallas as well as the best Dallas VRBO.

Dallas Murals

Street art is a way for artists of all nationalities to showcase their talent and make a statement/share an idea with the world.

Dallas graffiti scene has a bit of everything – pretty murals for Instagram shots, such as angel wings, diamond murals, cactus murals, or wall art that serve as a daily reminder to current social issues, such as the USA! Painting by Juan Castillo.

Women’s History Month – Amber

Dallas Mural by Marissa Caggiano
Photo courtesy by Marissa Caggiano
Dallas Mural by Marissa Caggiano
Photo courtesy by Marissa Caggiano

This gorgeous mural was commissioned by the City of Dallas for Women’s History Month in 2022 as part of the “Murals on the Move” Project. In the mural, Caggiano featured her friend Amber Tamm Canty, a farmer, horticulturist, and floral designer.

  • Artist: Marissa Caggiano
  • Address: throughout the city. Her artwork will be seen in various Dallas events. You can check out the locations on Instagram.


This Eyes mural is one of the best Dallas murals to visit
Photo courtesy of Victoria Fuentes

This piece of mural art has some amazing color, and is a great one to get a photo of! Find it at Ruins Bar.

  • Address: 2653 Commerce Street

I Love Dallas

The I Love Dallas mural is one of the must-see Dallas murals
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Biggers

Lesli Marshall, a curator, asked Jeremy Biggers to add a final touch to Charlie‘s mural. Can you guess what it was? The heart! It’s a lovely mural and a great Instagram spot in Dallas.

  • Artist: Jeremy Briggs and Charlie
  • Address: Howell Street and North Riverfront Boulevard

Deep Rawlins

Deep Rawlins is one of the best Dallas Murals
Photo courtesy of Urbanshltblog

Steve Hunter portraits Dallas native poet Rawlins Gilliland in arguably one of the most remarkable Deep Ellum murals. 

  • Artist: Steve Hunter
  • Address: Long Building – 2801 Elm Street


Frida Kahlo mural is one of the best murals in Dallas
Photo courtesy of Robin de G

Oh, the famous Frida Kahlo. Can there be art in a town if there is not a feature of the very famous Frida? No, right.

  • Artist: Michel Cruz
  • Address: 2810 Main Street

Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself mural is one of the best Dallas Murals to see
Photo courtesy of Alexis Andre

From the series Dallas photography locations you’ll love, the Believe in Yourself Mural is an inspirational graffiti in the heart of Deep Ellum.

As if the mural near this one wasn’t inspiring enough (the American flag), this graffiti reminds us to believe in ourselves and #stepforward.

Needless to say, this mural is one of the best places to take pictures in Dallas.

  • Artist: Unknown
  • Address: 2730 Commerce Street

JFK Mural Dallas

JFK Mural is one of the must-see Dallas Murals
JFK Mural is one of the must-see Dallas Murals – Photo courtesy of What Do You Sea

Although simple, JFK Mural in Dallas is an emblematic graffiti for those who want to dive into the street art scene.

President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas while riding in a motorcade in Dealey Plaza in 1963. 

Funnily enough, his killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, also has a mural in Dallas, in the Bishops Art District to be more specific, which was made by Theo Ponchaveli, one of the artists of the JFK mural.

But don’t think people have lost their minds and are now paying homage to the most infamous killer of Dallas. It’s instead a reminder: “Forgive your enemies but never forget their names.”

Pssst: Travel lovers, on the other side of the store where JFK graffiti is, you’ll spot a world map painting. The graffiti is facing the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

  • Artist: Artists: Theo Ponchaveli and Josh Mittag
  • Address: Behind the Scott’s Discount Liquor Store – 967 South Lamar Street

Deep Ellumphants – The Famous Elephant Mural in Dallas

Deep Ellumphants mural is one of the famous Dallas Murals
Photo courtesy of Anusha

Adrian Torres painted a herd of elephants in different shades of blue on a rustic white wall, and it is now one of the coolest Deep Ellum murals.

On top of that, the elephants are one of the most famous Dallas graffiti and rightly so because the watercolor technique gives it a magical look. It’s beautiful!

Since the creation of this piece, the building owner has put in a door and industrial steps about 3/4 of the way down the wall taking a bit of the beauty away. Just a bit.

  • Artist: Adrian Torres
  • Address: 3601 Main Street

Stevie Ray Ellum

Stevie Ray Ellum mural is one of the cool Dallas Murals to see
Photo courtesy of Josh

A kaleidoscope of colors depicting the legendary Dallas-born musician Stevie Ray Vaughan decorates the streets of Deep Ellum.

Even in the abstract block colors, viewers can recognize Vaughan’s iconic hat.

Vaughan was a guitar legend and an influential ambassador for the blues who achieved mainstream success. His popular hits include “Pride and Joy,” “The Sky is Crying” and “Crossfire.”

  • Artist: Steve Hunter
  • Address: 100 North Crowdus Street

Love Equation Mural- One of the Best Places to Take Pictures in Dallas Tx

Love Equation Mural is one of the cute Dallas murals to visit
Photo courtesy of Taelor Burke

A common spot for engagement and proposal photos, but also for pictures with your family, pet, or yourself. After all, you decide how your love equation sums up.

  • Artists: Daniel Garcia, Mario Garcia, and Janet Aguirre
  • Love Equation Mural Dallas Address: 504 North Madison Avenue

Dallas Selena Mural

Selena Mural is one of the famous murals in Dallas
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Biggers

This fantastic mural in Oak Cliff is a gift from the artist to the local community. A community made of people who do nothing but give, said him. Isn’t it incredible?

  • Artists: Jeremy Biggers
  • Love Equation Mural Dallas Address: 338 West Jefferson Blvd

Social Worship

Social worship mural in Dallas, Texas
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Biggers

“Social Worship” by Jeremy Biggers is a portrait of local model Allison Ponthier.

  • Artists: Jeremy Biggers
  • Address: Pryor Street

Tonatiuh Mural

Tonatiuh Mural is one of the cool Dallas Murals to visit
Photo courtesy of What Do You Sea

Also known as Sunburst, the Tonatiuh was created by Daniel Munoz in 2010 in Deep Ellum. Tonatiuh was the Aztec god of sun, fertility, and sacrifice, and his name means “he who goes forth shining.”

  • Artist: Daniel Munoz

Color Strands

Color Strands are some of the best murals in Dallas
Photo courtesy of Robin de G

A mysterious and quite expressive mural, Colorful Strands is part of the 42 murals project.

  • Artist: Danny DeJong

Mega Zee

Mega Zee mural is one of the cool Dallas Murals to see
Photo courtesy of Brook

Dallas street art wouldn’t be the same without Sanah Brown’s message to her daughter Zee and all young people.

In her painting, she tells young (and not so young) people to dream big and never give up regardless of what society dictates. To bring out the “mega” from within.

Mega Zee is one of our favorites Dallas murals. Not only because it’s incredibly pretty, but also because this graffiti brings a beautiful message we should always keep alive in ourselves.

  • Artist: Sanah Brown

Woman’s Face

This Woman’s Face mural is one of the famous murals in Dallas
Photo courtesy of Anusha

Unlike most Dallas murals, this portrait has a pretty intense look, and it’s full of emotions. It makes you wonder what she is thinking about or even where she is staring at.

This Malcolm Byers’ painting is a bit hidden, but we’re pretty sure you can find it with the map above.

  • Artist: Malcolm Byers

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe mural is the most colorful Dallas Mural
Super Deluxe, Diamond mural – Photo courtesy of Sally

This Uptown mural is arguably the most colorful Dallas graffiti.

It’s impossible to pass by this explosion of bright colors and ignore the happiness it makes you feel because it’s colorful.

We particularly love diamond murals because of their color explosion, exactly like this one.

  • Artist: Ricardo Paniagua

Wrapping up on the Best Dallas Murals and Wall Art

Dallas is a city jam-packed with striking street art, and while many Dallas murals are in the Deep Ellum, the other neighborhoods don’t fall short.

Among the lots of places to take pictures in Dallas, we hope we gave you some appealing ideas for your shots.

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