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Weekend in Atlanta: The Perfect 3-Day Atlanta Itinerary

Victoria Green

A weekend in Atlanta is a fantastic trip for you and your family to visit the great southeast’s capital city, rooted in its heritage and a city embracing the wonders of a developing future.  

A weekend getaway in Atlanta is a superb, culturally rich, yet lavishly exquisite experience. 

You can look forward to a great Atlanta weekend itinerary with many adventures. A weekend in Atlanta is culturally rich and fun for the whole family. 

In this article, you shall discover a rich Atlanta weekend itinerary: The National Centre for Civil and Human Rights, Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, and much more of the best things to do in Atlanta.

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the best places to visit in the South, USA
Atlanta, Georgia is one of the best places to visit in the South, USA

Where To Stay in Atlanta

Below are some of our favorite accommodation options in the city. Still, we wrote in more detail about where to stay in Atlanta.

The Artmore Hotel – This historical 1924 Midtown Atlanta boutique hotel features a lounge with an adjoining garden and free WiFi. The hotel is 5 minutes walk from the High Museum of Art and 0.8 mi from Piedmont Park, home to the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Click here to book!

The Candler Hotel Atlanta – Located in Atlanta, a 13-minute walk from The World of Coca-Cola, The Candler Hotel Atlanta, Curio Collection by Hilton provides accommodations with a restaurant, private parking, a fitness center, and a bar. Click to read reviews and book!

Urban Glass Tree House – this architectural gem is located in West Midtown and you’re within walking distance of several stores and restaurants. It’s very spacious and quiet. This Glass and Steel home sits on a pie shape lot between GA Tech and Atlantic Station. Great Location. Click here to book!

When To Visit Atlanta

Atlanta’s nickname of Hotlanta is somewhat ironic, as it enjoys a variety of temperatures in a moderate climate.

The spring, summer, fall, and winter temperatures are usually moderate but different in look and feel from one another. 

Atlanta, at its extreme, can be hot and humid in the summer while cool, occasionally freezing, and somewhat snowy in the winter. 

Atlanta’s temperate can vary from an icy 33 degrees Fahrenheit to a hot 89 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, the temperatures are very rarely that humid or cold.

Regardless, each season is a glorious and wonderful time for a weekend in Atlanta.

A Weekend in Atlanta During Spring

Spring is often a good time for a weekend getaway in Atlanta, depending on the year and type of spring it brings. It can often be a rainy and windy time, though. 

Occasionally, Atlanta’s water is at a moderate level, making it perfect for swimming. The aesthetic of the great southeast’s capital city is also often filled with blossoming colorful flowers.

The look and feel of spring can significantly vary from one another. Some springs might have a mild and pleasant look and feel, as described above, while others can be cold and rainy. 

At its best, your weekend in Atlanta can be balmy, at temperatures 60 degrees Fahrenheit on average, or incredibly cold, rainy, and windy, at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spring is the start of Atlanta’s many festive seasonal events. Stay for the lively St Patrick’s Day parade, a favorite amongst its population, or, if you love film, go to the Atlanta Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals in the southeast. 

Attend the great Atlanta Jazz festival at the end of your weekend getaway in Atlanta

For a spring weekend getaway in Atlanta, it is best to pack gear for rainy weather – umbrellas, waterproof jackets, waterproof shoes, and rubber boots.

Spring in Atlanta is a great time for many great seasonal events, such as the St Patrick’s Day parade and the Atlanta Jazz festival.

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the warm winter vacations in the US

A Weekend in Atlanta During Summer

A weekend in Atlanta over the summer can be very humid, with frequent warm temperatures. If you pack for the warm weather conditions, you and your family will have an awesome time during your weekend getaway to Atlanta.

The summer weather temperature in Atlanta can often exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Atlanta’s summer weather is hot and humid during the day but colder at night, especially if you stay in the mountains in Atlanta. 

Summer thunderstorms, bringing in five inches of rain, are common in Atlanta, which may make outside activities during your weekend in Atlanta challenging to pursue on certain occasions. 

Despite the above, Atlanta stays warm in the summers, even in thunderstorms and cool nights.

Spending a weekend in Atlanta during the summer is the best option if you love outdoor seasonal events. 

It includes lively and festive occasions such as the Virginia Highland Summerfest, an event filled with southern food, live bands, art showcases, and many other festivities. Visit many of the city parks to get a chance to watch free live shows and movies.

A summer getaway in Atlanta is culturally rich with many outdoor events such as the Virginia Highland Summerfest.

A Weekend in Atlanta During Fall

A weekend in Atlanta during fall can often be cool, dry, and sunny during this season. 

Atlanta’s temperatures can get unnaturally warm during fall and become what is referred to as Indian Summers – an uncommonly warm and hazy period generally occurring in fall in some areas of the world.

Temperatures during fall in Atlanta can often still reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit and above, hence why many periods during the fall are Indian Summers. 

Nights are of much cooler temperatures during the fall in Atlanta, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The first frost that appears during fall in Atlanta happens in October and November, which can bring about cold weather akin to what it is like in winter.

If you love music festivals, visiting Atlanta in the fall is best. Fall brings such festivities as the Music Midtown event and the Atlanta Greek Festival. The Atlanta Greek Festival is fantastic if you enjoy great food, drinks, and music.

Because a weekend getaway in Atlanta can vary between humid and cool temperatures, it is best to pack layered clothes to suit both types of weather. 

The clothes recommended for such conditions described above are jeans, sweaters, jackets, pullovers, and cardigans.

If you want a weekend getaway to Atlanta filled with music festivals, such as the Music Midtown event, fall is the best time to visit Atlanta.

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the best places to visit in March in the USA

A Weekend in Atlanta During Winter

A weekend in Atlanta during winter is quite cold and occasionally snowy. The cool temperatures in Atlanta, situated in the southeastern United States, are not as icy cold as in the northeastern United States. 

A weekend getaway to Atlanta during the winter can be an occasional beautiful snowy delight, albeit somewhat cold, experience.

Atlanta’s winter temperatures vary from about 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although winters in Atlanta are somewhat snowy, you should not worry about blizzards being a problem as they are rare in this region. 

The weather will be dry and cool if it is not snowing. Occasionally the temperature can dip into the below-freezing territory during Atlanta’s winters.

A winter getaway in Atlanta is great for Christmas and New Year festivities. It has one of the southeast’s largest New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

It also features the beautiful Children’s Christmas Parade. The winter season ends off with Martin Luther King Jr Day, which has many charity runs and parades.

It is best to pack warm clothing and accessories, such as scarfs, jackets, and gloves, to not suffer from the cool temperatures.

If you do not mind the colder weather, visit Atlanta in the winter to experience such events as Martin Luther King Jr Day and the Children’s Christmas Parade.

Atlanta Weekend Itinerary – Day 1

You and our family’s first day in Atlanta are both culturally rich and a step back in the past. The first day is about immersing yourself in Atlanta’s heritage and cultural importance.

Have Breakfast At The Silver Skillet

Start your weekend in Atlanta by having an excellent Lemon Ice Box Pie
Start your weekend in Atlanta by having an excellent Lemon Ice Box Pie

Start your morning off by having breakfast at the Silver Skillet, a popular diner to visit on your Atlanta itinerary. The Silver Skillet has been operating since 1956 and has only grown in popularity. 

Upon arrival, you will get greeted by an old-fashioned diner with its aesthetic dripped in the signature old fashion pinkish-purple and black colors. You will feel like you have taken a trip back to the 1950s upon arrival. 

This Silver Skillet has proved so popular that it is featured in films and television series. It was featured in such television series as Ozark and Survivors Remorse and movies like The Founder and Anchorman 2

It is also a favorite diner for many well-known celebrities such as Zach Galifianakis, Melissa McCarthy, and Peter Weller.

Like their image, The Silver Skillet’s food is divine as well. Be sure to try The Silver Skillet’s delicious Homemade Lemon Ice-Box Pie, featured in Life Magazine’s “5 Best Pies in the USA” article.

The Silver Skillet is a great way to start your Friday morning Atlanta itinerary that not only serves you a delicious southern breakfast but gives a blast to the past with its 1950s aesthetic.

Go On The Martin Luther King Jr. History Walking Tour

 Go On The Martin Luther King Jr. History Walking Tour if you are planning to spend a weekend in Atlanta
Go On The Martin Luther King Jr. History Walking Tour if you are planning to spend a weekend in Atlanta

Because the first day of your weekend in Atlanta is about learning about the city’s culture and heritage, you and your family will start your day by going on the Martin Luther King Jr. History Walking Tour.

Martin Luther King Jr. History Walking Tour allows you to experience Martin Luther King Jr.’s extraordinary journey in the Civil Rights movement. 

Atlanta is home to where the majority of Martin Luther King Jr.’s journey in the majority Civil Rights movement occurred, a significant event in human history. What better way to learn about it and its pioneer than going on this insightful walking tour.

It compresses the years of Martin Luther King Jr.’s journey into about two and a half hours. The tour will take you to significant locations like the King Center and the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

The famous Martin Luther King Jr. History Walking Tour is an essential item on the Atlanta itinerary to learn of Atlanta’s heritage deeply rooted in the civil rights movement and its entire impact on the world.

Visit The National Centre For Civil And Human Rights

National Centre for Civil and Human Rights
National Centre for Civil and Human Rights- Derek Olson Photography/ Shutterstock

Your next item on your Friday Atlanta itinerary will be The National Centre for Civil and Human Rights to immerse yourself in Atlanta’s cultural heritage further firmly rooted in the Civil Rights Movement.

The National Centre for Civil and Human Rights is the best place to learn about Atlanta’s history in the Civil Rights Movement. It has three exhibitions to visit: Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection. 

Each gives you a great insight into the importance and history of the Civil Rights movement. The last exhibition even contains things like Martin Luther King Jr.’s belongings, such as his journals.

The historically rich National Center for Civil and Human Rights is the best place to learn about Atlanta’s deep roots in the Civil Rights Movement.

Have Dinner At The Varsity Drive-In

Busy Varsity Drive-In in downtown Atlanta
Varsity Drive-In in downtown Atlanta/ Shutterstock

Finally, end your first day with the good old-fashioned The Varsity drive-in. It bills itself as the world’s largest drive-in and has been operating since 1928. Like The Silver Skillet, it takes you back to the past when drive-ins were popular.

Its food is excellent, with the orange soda and chili cheese dogs being its highlight.

Take a journey back to the past, where dine-ins were popular, and enjoy the world’s largest dine-in known as The Varsity.

Atlanta Weekend Itinerary – Day 2

You and your family’s 2nd day in Atlanta is a fun adventure thrill ride of the Atlanta itinerary. The second day is perfect for you and your family to immerse yourselves in Atlanta’s adventurous, fun, and creative side.

Have Breakfast At The Busy Bee

Delicious breakfast in The Busy Bee

On the second day of your and your family’s weekend in Atlanta, have breakfast at the small but legendary Busy Bee café.

The Busy Bee café is a lovely little café with a lot of history attached to it since its establishment in 1947. The food is excellent and catered to be the best of morning meals for anyone wanting to experience some of the most delicious food in Atlanta.

The Busy Bee café is a beautiful little café with delicious breakfast cuisine to start your adventurous day ahead.

Visit The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Atlanta

City buildings made with Lego Blocks

The next item on the Atlanta Itinerary is a fun, colorful, and wonderful trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Atlanta. If you have your kids with you, this trip will likely be their favorite part of Atlanta.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Atlanta will be great for LEGO enthusiasts with its many LEGO-based structures and exhibitions. 

A highlight is the MINILAND exhibition which features an Atlanta cityscape built out of entirely 1.5 million LEGO bricks. This excellent site will amaze even those who are not fascinated with LEGO.

You and your family, especially if you or any of your kids and other family members are LEGO enthusiasts, will have a fantastic fun time in the colorful and creative-filled place that is LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Atlanta.

Visit The Six Flags Over Georgia Theme Park

Friends on a thrilling roller-coaster ride

The next item on the Atlanta weekend itinerary is a visit to the fun and adventure-filled Six Flags Over Georgia theme park. It has everything from rollercoasters, waterslides, and go-carts.

You and your family seeking great memorable adrenaline-fueled adventures will find it at the Six Flags Over Georgia theme park. 

They have great attractions, such as the Goliath rollercoaster. This rollercoaster is a wild ride that reaches 200 feet into the sky, filled with various curves and twists to reach the bottom.  

Six Flags Over Georgia is a fun-filled, adventurous amusement park for you and your entire family.

Have Dinner At The Sound Table

Mouth-watering smoked wings for dinner in Sound Table

The last Atlanta weekend itinerary item to cap off an adventure-filled day is to take you and your family to the restaurant The Sound Table. As the name implies, it is an excellent place if you like music.

At The Sound Table, you can listen to the restaurant’s lively music and even go dancing. It has a variety of different cocktails and different dishes to enjoy, such as sweet corn and brick chicken.

The Sound Table is the perfect place to end off the adventure-filled day of your weekend in Atlanta. It is a place with great food and cocktails and lively song and dance.

Atlanta Weekend Itinerary – Day 3

The last day of your and your family’s weekend in Atlanta is pleasantly laid-back yet insightful.

Have Breakfast At The Atlanta Breakfast Club

Sumptuous breakfast at the Atlanta Breakfast Club

Atlanta Breakfast Club is a great way to start the last more laid-back day of your and your family’s weekend in Atlanta. Best of all, it is right across from the Georgia Aquarium, the next item on the Atlanta itinerary.

You and your family will have a lovely time at this fine establishment specializing in the day’s most important meal. It has all things breakfast, from delicious pancakes to peach cobbler French toast.

The Atlanta Breakfast Club is the perfect place for you and your family to eat before going to the following Atlanta weekend itinerary.

Take A Trip To The Georgia Aquarium

Massive aquarium in the lovely Georgia Aquarium,

Up next on the Atlanta itinerary is the lovely Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world.

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the most popular attractions in Atlanta for a good reason. It has 10 million gallons of water that house more than 120 000 sea creatures. These sea creatures are sharks, tropical fish, dolphins, whale sharks, and much more.

You and your family will have a lovely time exploring the ocean life at your leisure at the Georgia Aquarium.

Have Dinner At The Heirloom Market BBQ

Delicious The Heirloom Market BBQ brisket

The final item on your Atlanta weekend itinerary is to have dinner at the divine Heirloom Market BBQ.

Atlanta is known for its tasty BBQ food. You and your family will enjoy some of the best BBQ food at this small but divine restaurant. It also serves such food as Korean-styled meals, so there is a large variety of meals to pick from to eat.

You and your family will have a great time reminiscing about the last three days of fun in Atlanta over a plate of delicious BBQ food.

More Things You Can Do in Atlanta

  • History tour of Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta.
  • Check out Ponce City Market with its restaurants, food hall, and shops.
  • Board Skyview Atlanta, the Ferris wheel at the Centennial Olympic Park, for breathtaking views of Downtown Atlanta.
  • Enjoy a major tourist attraction: World of Coca-Cola!
  • Go on an Atlanta day trip or a weekend getaway!

Wrapping Up on Weekend in Atlanta Itinerary

Atlanta is a dream destination for everyone seeking a culturally rich, fun-filled weekend away with southern hospitality. 

Your Atlanta itinerary includes a visit to the Georgia Aquarium, The National Centre for Civil and Human Rights, and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Atlanta.

This is a weekend trip that you and your family will always treasure.